Cosmonata 2023

Cosmonata 2023

The aim of COSMONATA is to take advantage of the visits to the country by the Portuguese researchers working abroad during the holiday season to promote discussions between these and the local based researchers.

This year we will have a join COSMONATA happening both in Lisbon (Faculty of Sciences C8.2.02) and in Porto (CAUP, meeting room). The 30′ presentations will be “zoomed out” via this link

and the usual 5 minute “stand up cosmology” sessions will happen in person separately in Lisbon and Porto.


14:00 – “Constraining solutions to the S8 tension with galaxy clustering” – Pedro Carrilho (University of Edinburgh)

14h30 – “A hybrid model of the dark sector” – Elsa Teixeira (University of Montpellier)

15h00 – “Alternatives to the supermassive black-hole hypothesis” – João Luís Rosa (University of Gdansk)

15h30 – Nata Nata Nata

16h00 Stand up Cosmology

17h30 Expected end of the meeting

Free registration


Lisbon & Porto